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Special Services is a Firm which was formed in accordance with the rules of the Minister of the interior from 22 August 1997 y about the protection of  persons and property. We act on the strength licence.

Main tasks Special Services:

The provision of services in a range of the protection of persons (so- called: Very Important Persons), protection of motor transports and shipments and preparing of schemes for protection of buildings and events as well as the protection of rock bands.

We work in a specialized field of protection offering short and long term protection of persons in this country as well as overseas.

We offer our customers:

-          protection during business and leisure trips,

-          protection during meetings and business appointments,

-          protection during sleep, rest and socialising.

Our motto is: safety, confidence, discretion at all times and professionalism in the provision of  services.

We speak  English and Polish.









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